When the user selects an item in the list, it is useful to immediately see the item details and edit it.

Below is an example of settings WOLV, allowing to display a list and edit form is selected in the list element with all its features.

Edit form is displayed in the frame (if necessary, it can be collapsed or expanded).

It is possible to configure where to display the edit form on the list: left, right, bottom, top.

setup Example

  1. Add the iframe.

html <iframe id="editor" style="width:100%; height:600px;"></iframe>

  1. To install the event handler open the edit form from WOLV.

```javascript $(‘#wolv’).on(‘showeditingpage.wolv’, function (e, d) { // Disables the underlying logic (go to the edit form). e.preventDefault();

    // Setting address for the frame. 
    $('#editor').attr('src', d.data.editingUrl);