By using Operations, you can configure the behavior WebObjectListView.

To access the Transactions through the property Operations control.

To enable print button, list, execute the following code when the page loads:

webObjectListView1.Operations.Print = true;

The default operation

To set the default operation for all applications through the configuration file web.config

For this you need to add the key WOLVDefaultOperations, as the value to specify the list of operations separated by commas. The key is added to the section configuration - appSettings:

    <!--Other keys-->
    <add key="WOLVDefaultOperations" value="Refresh,Filter,Search,New,Delete,ShowMarks,EditInRow,ConfigureColumns,NewByExampleInRow,ExportToExcel,AllowColumnResizing,LimitEdit,EditOnClickInRow,FixTableHeader,HighlightObject" />
    <!--Other keys-->

The list of operations

Transaction Description
AdjustListHeight Show on WOLV the entire height of the page
AllowColumnResizing Give the user the ability to change the width of list columns
CheckChanges whether to Enable verification of changes on the edit form when you move from it, triggered by this list (default true). See below for more information.
ConfigureColumns Button on the toolbar to edit the column display
Delete The “Delete” Button  
DeleteInRow Remove Button in the line
Edit Edit Button
EditInRow Edit Button in the line
EditOnClickInRow Up to edit by clicking the line (if the form is not on lukapa)
ExportToExcel Button “Export to Excel”
ExportToXML Button “Export to XML”
Filter “Filter” Button (simple)
FullViewFilter Button “Filter on all fields”
FilterStartPercent Filter already filled with % at the beginning of the string (default true)
FilterEndPercent Filter already filled with % in the end of the row (default true)
FilterSubString Filter by a substring: % already substituted at the beginning and end of the string, all spaces are also replaced with % (default false).
FixTableHeader freeze table header. When you scroll the header will stay in place.
FullViewSearch Change from search to search all fields (more).
FullViewSearchSplitBySpace When using the search all view properties to replace spaces with %.
HierarchyDisableAutoSelectChildren Disable automatic selection of child items when you click the parent in the presence of hierarchy in the list.
HighlightObject Backlight object pk which was specified in the URL (“PK” or WOLVSO) (default true). Highlighting is done by selecting the class for td
LimitEdit Advanced editor
MultiSelect Multiple selection
New “New” Button
NewByExampleInRow Button “Create” in the string (see here)
OpenEditorInNewWindow Open the edit form (when you create\edit\view the object) in another browser window
OpenEditorInModalWindow Show the edit form (when you create\edit\view the object) in a modal form. Only works if OpenEditorInNewWindow == true; Custom title of modal window can be set via the optional property WOLV-a EditorInModalWindowCaption
Order Buttons to move the rows when the view Oreded attributes
Print Print list
ReadCommittedUsage Cancel the use of dirty read
ReturnUrlParams Options that will be added in ReturnUrl. Must be in the format param1=value1&amp;param2=value2. If the list form is already a parameter that is passed through ReturnUrlParams, the priority will have ReturnUrlParams (i.e. overwrite option were on a list form).
Refresh “Refresh” Button
Search Search
ShowInRow Display button to set the view object. If it is not set, it uses edit form in Read-Only mode.
ShowMarks Show jackdaws
SwitchNextPage go to the next page when you edit the last item on the current page
UseLocalizedCaptions use of the mechanism of localization of the column headers
OverflowWordEllipsis Sets the behavior of the cell contents overflow the width of the column. If the option is set to False (the default), then transfer the contents of a cell on a new line. If this option is set to True, then the contents of the cell will be clipped and added to the end of the ellipsis.
UserColumnsSort Enables or disables setting the user sort the list and restore the user settings sort.


This property works only in cases where the WOLV is on the edit form.

When you try to leave the page (for example, clicking on the “Close” button) is enabled verification of changes made to the object. If the object has been modified, the user will wonder whether he wants to keep it.

Similar functionality was added to the list located on the edit form: for example, if the user tries to add a new item (and thus to make the transition form one object to the edit form of another), then the system will ask him if he wants to save the changes.

Operation CheckChanges enables or disables this check.

By default this option is enabled.

Appearance WOLV-enabled operations

Application settings for WOLV’and lucapa

For applied projects implemented functional configuration WOLV inside LookUp’. Settings are applied in the classroom WOLWSettApplyer.cs, which is located in the root directory.It is necessary to override ApplyLookUpSettings. First, call the base method base.ApplyLookUpSettings(wolv); after him that you want to override. For example, in order to lucapa the filter operated without the use * need:

public override void ApplyLookUpSettings(WebObjectListView wolv)

            wolv.Operations.FilterSubString = true;