jquery.colresize - a jQuery plugin designed to add functionality for setting the column width html tables. Used WebObjectListView and AjaxGroupEdit. Supports setting width of columns by mouse, linking multiple tables for synchronous settings.


First of all on the page should be connected to the file jquery.colresize.css and jquery.colresize.js. In order to apply to the table plugin, you need to call for the corresponding object function colresize. If you want to link tables, the jQuery collection should contain all these tables.

As a parameter to the function colresize you can pass an associative array of parameters. You can set the following parameters:

Key Description
customizable Boolean. Determines whether the user is allowed to change the column width with the mouse
minWidth Number. The minimum column width that can be set
defaultWidth Number. Column width by default. Is used when width is not set, and useDefaultWidth == true
widths Array. An array of values of the width of the columns in the order they appear. These values will be used when initializing colresize
onResize(eventArgs) Function. The event handler change the width of columns. While in eventArgs there is only currentTarget pointing to the first table of a group of related tables.

Example usage

    customizable: true,
    minWidth: 50,
    defaultWidth: 100,
    widths: [110, 70, 170, 80],
    onResize: function(e) {
        alert('resized: ' + jQuery(e.currentTarget).id);

Work with WebObjectListView and AjaxGroupEdit

Settings of column width is performed in the following order:

  • width is taken by default depending on the type of данных;
  • used to adjust the width of ViewColumnProvider (if they are there);
  • apply the settings made by the user (if any).

Thus, the resulting width is equal to the last applied width.