At the moment technology Flexberry ASP.NET supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and older (with the exception of Object.Create(), because it appeared only in IE9).
  • Chrome version 20 and above
  • Opera version 15 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox version 20 and above
  • Safari on OS X

Mobile device

  • GalaxyTab2 7.0 running Android 4.1.2: chrome, firefox, opera, dolphin, standard preset browser.
  • Nokia lumia under WinPhone8: in IE and UC Browser.
  • IPhone5: Safari.
  • Nokia lumia under WinPhone7: IE9.

Mobile browsers

  • Safari for iOS 3-7 .
  • Android browser 2.2 , 3.1 , 4 .
  • Chrome for Android 4 and iOS.
  • Firefox for Android.
  • Win8 IE10/11.
  • Other WebKit browsers(webOS, Blackberry 7 ).

Conclusions and recommendations

Applications based on Flexberry ASP.NET work on almost all platforms, but not on all browsers. In order to work properly it is necessary to support processing of touches.

What are the advantages of this:

  • the functionality is the same as for desktop browsers.
  • Toolkit for the development of the same:, javaScript, leaflet.


  • it is likely that not all will work but the coating is devices great.
  • there is a possibility that will slowly work (including due to the transfer of large volume data requires optimization on the client).
  • requires network connection decent traffic (see previous).