Has the ability to bind AjaxAutocomplete to AjaxLookup. Ie, if you select in control with the support AjaxAutocomplete will automatically put the value of lucapa, if the value of the specified property will be found in artisan objects, otherwise lucapa put down an empty value. Attention: do Not confuse it with the support автодополнения in AjaxLookup.

Attention: If you want to use a calculated property, it must be indicated the introduction!


For example, the edit form is displayed Организация lookup for the master Адрес and private property АдресСтрокой. You need to add autocompletion for АдресСтрокой, the values of which will be taken from Адрес.АдресПолностью. The coincidence of the entered value and the value of the master property Адрес.АдресПолностью put down the value of lucapa(the object reference). If you entered a value that is not in artisan values, the АдресСтрокой just continue, and reference to a master will not bear.


AjaxAutocomplete.AddLinkedAutocomplete(ctrlАдрес, ctrlАдресСтрокой, typeof(Адрес), "Adrasmanskiy");

Also, there is a setting connection between lucapa and input field. For example, if you change the value in the input field, if you change the value in lucapa.


bool changeValueWithLookup = true;
AjaxAutocomplete.AddLinkedAutocomplete(ctrlАдрес, ctrlАдресСтрокой, typeof(Адрес), "Adrasmanskiy", changeValueWithLookup);

An example of an explicit limit for completion

Warning: If the limit is set ajax lucapa and it is associated with a text field, not a restriction on completion, the limit on the completion of lucapa will undertake.

Function licenceFunc = FunctionBuilder.BuildSQL("(select count(*) from Licenzirovanie where STORMMainObjectKey = Organization) > 0");
AjaxAutocomplete.AddLinkedAutocomplete(ctrlСоздательГеопункта, ctrlСоздательГеопунктаСтрокой, typeof(Организация), "ORGANIZACIJA",  true, true, licenceFunc);