Features create data object based on an existing

Прототипизация - create data object on the basis of another.

Methods for prototypical DataObject

For prototypical DataObject there is a method Prototyping.

/// <summary> 
/// Prototypicality 
/// </summary> 
/// <param name="withDetails">detalaj or without</param> 
public virtual void Prototyping(bool withDetails)

There is also an overload of this method without any parameters (in this case just made the call to the method Prototyping(true)).

Prototypical DataObject

If prototypization the following actions occur:

If the passed parameter has a value withDetails true, prototypical will be performed for all detailov.

notes proletarization

  • Get a primary key object, which he had before prototypically, through property PrototypeKey.
  • Cleaning properties PrototypeKey happens when you call a method ClearPrototyping (if the call was made with no parameters or the parameter value was true, the corresponding property will be cleared and datalow).
  • Call method ClearPrototyping(true) also happens when saving an object via the SQLDataService.
  • To know whether prototipazione through the property Prototyped.
  • When you perform decide object the data service will carry out the proofreading properties prototipazione object, using as primary key PrototypeKey (but when you run UpdateObject in the database will create a new object).