a Way to link the image to the class object or data property

Data class can be associated to the image.

  • ClassImageFile. If you always want to use the same image for different instances of the data class, you should put this image into an Assembly as embedded (embedded) resource and specify the attribute ClassImageFile.
  • ClassImageProperty. If the image at different instances of the data class can be used ClassImageProperty attribute indicating a property of the data class that returns the image System.Drawing.Image.
  • ExternalImageProvider. Pictures can be provided by some external provider (attribute ExternalImageProvider).

Except that the picture is displayed in the user interface (e.g., controls to work with a group of objects), the developer can obtain:

  • the picture for a particular data object by the method of Information.GetImageForInstance,
  • the picture class method Information.GetClassImage,
  • the name of the property that provides a picture method Information.GetClassImageProperty.