the data Services to work with NoSQL database MongoDB.


To use the technology of processing and storing large data, you can use the service data NoSQL store MongoDB - MongoDbDataService. The data service implements the standard interface IDataService that allows you to use it in the usual way. Also available a scenario when one application is working with multiple repositories, respectively, may be an option when one vault is a database Postgres and the other is a MongoDB.


In order to start using the data service MongoDbDataService to be installed in the project corresponding to the NuGet package NewPlatform.Flexberry.ORM.MongoDbDataServicethat is available through public gallery

Example usage

To meet example of the use MongoDbDataService the repositories bakenda demo application FlexberryOrmMongoDbDataServiceDemo.ODataBackend. In the code this application is an example of simultaneous work with two types of storage. Frontend part of the app implements the mechanisms to switch between multiple backendname (another variant of the organization of access to storage of different types). Assembled and deployed backend demo applications working with big data store is available at

completion of the data service

Development MongoDbDataService being in the open repositories on GitHub NewPlatform.Flexberry.ORM.MongoDbDataService. About the problems can be reported by creating relevant Issue, you can also perform rework and offer Pull request to the develop branch.