Parameters and example FuncBETWEEN

FuncBETWEEN function is the same as testing for hit element in the range of values in the SQL Builder function limitations SQLWhereLanguageDef.

Parameters GetFunction

GetFunction accepts the first argument type of a function funcBETWEEN, and then takes 3 parameters. The first is sent to the variable description (Variable Definition), which will determine the objects to сравнения; and the second and third end of the range.

For example, you want to subtract all the**, which amount is in the range of 50,000 rubles to 75,000 rubles.

The SQL statement would look as follows:

SELECT * FROM Клиент WHERE СуммаКредита BETWEEN 50000 AND 75000@@


SQLWhereLanguageDef langdef = SQLWhereLanguageDef.LanguageDef;
Function lf = langdef.GetFunction(langdef.funcBETWEEN,
			new VariableDef(langdef.StringType, Information.ExtractPropertyPath<Кредит>(x => x.СуммаКредита)),