Dynamic creation of views, operations predstavleniyami

Dynamic creation of views

View can be created dynamically.

If you want to create a view “in code”, on the fly, then fit one of the following options:

  1. To create a view using the default constructor, then fill in the required properties
// Create an empty view. 
ICSSoft.STORMNET.View dynaview = new ICSSoft.STORMNET.View();

// Specify the type of data object for which to create the view. 
dynaview.DefineClassType = typeof(CDDA); 

// You can add your own properties class and artisans of the properties of an array or one by one. 
// dynaview.AddProperty(...) 
dynaview.AddProperties(new string[] { "Name", "TotalTracks", "Publisher.Name" }); 

// Add the wizard to the view. 

// You can also use the dynaview method.AddDetailInView to associate this view with metalowymi ideas. 
  1. To create a dynamic view using ViewAttribute
ICSSoft.STORMNET.View dynaview1 = new ICSSoft.STORMNET.View(
    new ViewAttribute("DynaView", new string[] { "Name", "Publisher.Name" }), 

Operations with representations

Each view acts as a set of properties.

ICSSoft.STORMNET.View view1 = new ICSSoft.STORMNET.View(
    new ViewAttribute("DynaView1", new string[] { "Name", "Publisher.Name" }), 
ICSSoft.STORMNET.View view2 = new ICSSoft.STORMNET.View(
    new ViewAttribute("DynaView2", new string[] { "Name", "TotalTracks" }), 

// a. Combined views 
// Result contains the properties of both representations ("Name", "Publisher.Name", "TotalTracks"); 
ICSSoft.STORMNET.View concatresult = (view1 | view2);

// b. The intersection of ideas 
// Result contains the common properties of the specified concepts ("Name"); 
ICSSoft.STORMNET.View intersectresult = (view1 & view2); 

// c. Subtraction ideas 
// Result contains the properties of view1, view2 which is not in ("Publisher.Name"); 
ICSSoft.STORMNET.View subtractsectresult = (view1 - view2); 

// d. Excluding the combined views 
// General properties of representations will be discarded (output "Publisher.Name", "TotalTracks"); 
ICSSoft.STORMNET.View xconcatresult = (view1 ^ view2); 

Full list of code examples Flexberry ORM is in “code Examples”.