Getting object properties

Getting property value

Access attributes data object and the attributes of related objects standard.

SimpleDataObject sdo = new SimpleDataObject();
sdo.Name="Something";//Access a private attribute 
sdo.Master.DblAttr=3.14;//Access the attribute Masterova 
sdo.Details[0).StringAttr="DetailAttribute";//Access the attribute dealova 

Stratifitsirovannoi retrieving properties as strings

Instead use attribute names as strings-constants, for example:

var propertyName = ((Пользователь)dataObject).Наименование;

You can use stratifitsirovannykh access using the lambda method Information:

var propertyName = Information.ExtractPropertyName<Пользователь>(x => x.Наименование);

All available methods: ExtractPropertyName, ExtractPropertyPath, ExtractPropertyInfo described in the article retrieve metadata objects.