Rules for the use of batch reading

A very convenient possibility is to read the data objects in portions, piece by piece. There is a possibility to call the read operation so that in addition to portions of data objects data service returned a read state. Transmitting the subsequent read operations is the state, you can get another portion.

To perform batch reading should:

  • Set LoadingCustomizationStruct additionally the serving size through property LoadingCustomizationStruct.
  • Call the read method of the objects with the parameters LoadingCustomizationStruct and state to state.
  • Perform follow-up pochityvaya as.
IDataService ds = DataServiceProvider.DataService;
LoadingCustomizationStruct lcs = LoadingCustomizationStruct.GetSimpleStruct(typeof(Автор), Автор.Views.Главное);					
lcs.LoadingBufferSize = 1; // The batch size. 
object state = null; // Return state of data service. 
DataObject[) dataobjects = ds.LoadObjects(lcs, ref state); // Call the service data state is remembered. 
prvPrintPortion(dataobjects); // Print the first portion. 
while (dataobjects.Length > 0) // Until something else is returned. 
	Console.WriteLine("Press Enter to read the next portion of the authors.");
	dataobjects = ds.LoadObjects(ref state); // Read the next portion. Lcs already do not share. 
	prvPrintPortion(dataobjects); // Print another batch. 

Console.WriteLine("More authors no. The end.");