the Features of the search of fragments of diagrams for selected projects

Expansion module Flexberry Designer: IntelliSearch developed to search for pieces of diagrams for selected projects of the repository.


The connection is made according to the following algorithm:

  • Register the plugin in CASEBERRY
  • Open menu Полезности - Модули
  • Click Создать
  • Specify the library path IntelliSearch.dll

  • Add a plugin to the repository
  • Open the properties of the repository by selecting the menu item Репозитарий - Редактировать свойства
  • In section Модули Создать click in the added row in column Модуль to choose IntelliSearchPlugin
  • Save changes

This will bring up a menu Stage IntelliSearchPlugin that allows you to rebuild the index for a particular Stage and a button Искать in other стадия on the class diagram.

To use search, you need to:

  • Create an empty class diagram at any stage
  • Draw objects (classes, relationships, etc.) that need to be found
  • Click Искать in other стадиях


  • In the window “Stage to search” to select the desired stage


  • If necessary, configure the search parameters (the threshold of relevance and the importance of name matching\data types\defaults\cardinalities) by clicking on the button Параметры поиска


  • Click Поиск.

The result is a tree of stages with screenshots of charts, which found similar fragments. A screenshot of the chart to open in full size.