the nuances of the use of the data object as the type for the attribute class

If the class diagram attribute type is inherited from DataObject, you need to:

  • generate and compile this type
  • create the required classes with this attribute to specify the Namespace and the full name of the Assembly (relative to the folder Flexberry Designer) which defines the specified type.

Only after this is the generation of this class.

The use of the class attribute with the data object as the type attribute is not recommended in General, if it is possible to use master or detaily.

The main feature of this solution is that between the classes in this case there is no connection (in this case between classes Зоопарк and ДиректорЗоопарка). Accordingly, the field Директор class Зоопарк will contain a link to ДиректорЗоопарка, and to keep the serialized object ДиректорЗоопарка.

The use of the class attribute with a object data as the type can be useful for saving custom settings, when returning an object model settings, not just a string.