brief characteristics of supported Flexberry ORM types

Flexberry ORM allows you to work with the following types:

  • .Net basic types (such as int, string, float, etc.)
  • .Net Nullable-types.
  • User defined types.
  • Nullable types NullableDateTime, NullableInt, NullableDecimal (located in the Assembly ICSSoft.STORMNET.UserDataTypes):
  • Optional types Flexberry ORM (these types are serialized in XML format by Implicit transformations and is stored in a database (or other storage) in a serialized виде; the search attributes specified types can be produced only by a substring and this is the main difference from the full structure данных; are located in the Assembly ICSSoft.STORMNET.UserDataTypes).
  • Contact - a contact of the user (client or any other person).
  • Event - a calendar event.
  • GeoData - GEODATA (Feature).
  • Image - the image.
  • WebFile - a Web file.
  • Types of object-based data.

Card types

A key element to define the display used for class diagram types to database types or code is map types.