Support nullable-types Flexberry ORM and .NET

Nullable types are an extension to the usual types that can store the value null (that is unlike the standard types, Nullable types allow the user to store any value in a field of scalar type).

Standard Nullable-types in ORM Flexberry

Flexberry ORM provides the following Nullable-types (located in the Assembly ICSSoft.STORMNET.UserDataTypes.dll):

  • NullableInt - integer null. Accepts all values, which takes int and can also be null.
  • NullableDateTime - type for storing date and time null. Can store all of the values that keeps DateTime and null.
  • NullableDecimal - type to store fractional numbers null

Nullable types .Net

.NET Framework supports Nullable-types. Flexberry ORM supports Nullable types .Net.

If code generation was used types System.Nullable<esc><T></esc> (or T?, which is equivalent according to msdn), it is necessary to produce the custom setting.