Using the user interface, work with the levels of the repository

Purpose and structure

The repository is a generic repository of information about models. Special browser provides access to the structure and elements of the repository.

The illustration shows the appearance of the browser:

The left side shows the structure of the repository through the levels, the right content is selected in the left part of the level.

The repository is a repository of all information about models. Information in the repository is stored in a hierarchical form.

User interface

The Location field shows the current path inside the repository.

The buttons of the toolbar of the browser.

Create/delete repository

  • To create a new object (project, configuration, phase, system) should go to the appropriate level in the browser (for example, to create the system you need to go to the level of phase), and press the button . In the window that appears you must enter a name and description for the created object.
  • To rename or edit the properties of the level, you must select it with the mouse and click the edit object properties . In the window that appears, edit the properties.
  • To delete an object, select it with the mouse to the right half of the browser window and press the button .


Pressing the keys, when the selected line will cause the following action:

  • Enter - go to level ниже;
  • F2 - opens the edit properties of the currently selected level. Similarly pressing ;
  • Delete - delete the object. Similarly pressing .

Additional features of the browser repositories