Features UserForm, its properties and generation

The UserForm is designed to determine a blank form, placing controls where you and programming visual logic is executed manually.

To describe the custom form should be applied to diagram a UML class with the stereotype userform, for example:


  1. The class UI-independent forms.
  2. .Net interface for the dependent form.
  3. UI-related form, just as form (empty).
  4. The shape attributes are generated as follows:
    • Is generated .Net-UI interface-dependent forms with the property definition, but only if this attribute is public.
    • Code UI-specific form is generated which implements the above interface definition of virtual properties, as well as private member and both accessors code for setting/getting the value of a private member, followed by parentheses programmer.
    • Code UI-independent forms generated definition of virtual property with the specified modifier, with the same properties UI-dependent forms through the interface.
  5. Methods of the form are generated in the following way:
    • Is generated .Net-UI interface-dependent form with the method definition, but only if this method is public.
    • Code UI-specific form is generated that implements the above interface definition a virtual method and in this bracket a programmer (like described here).
    • Code UI-independent form is generated by defining a virtual method with the specified modifier. with a call to the same method the UI-dependent forms through the interface.

Additional editable properties and how that is generated

form Properties

Property Description Generation .Net language
Name name UML class Name .Net class independent of the form and its derivative for the dependent (e.g., winformXXXXXX).  
Description a class description DocComment before the class definition an independent
PBCustomAttributes allows you to specify whether to brace the programmer immediately before the class definition, for “manual” of any attributes If the option is specified - generated bracket of the programmer for manual application .Net attributes to class-independent form.
PBMembers   If the option is specified - generated bracket programmer for “manual” introduction of the members of the class of independent form.
Packet, NamespacePostfix allow to set the Assembly and namespace see the Location of assemblies after code generation.
ScriptName the script name to use this form. Matches the name of the EBSD-diagrams used to describe a scenario Method GetScript in the independent class is overloaded so that it returns from the provider scenarios scenario with the specified name.
PublishToEBSD   If the option is specified before the class-independent form is generated to specify a PublishToEBSDAttribute attribute that specifies the availability of this class to use the chart editor scripts.

attribute Properties

The properties of the attributes are the same as specified in the class Attributes data, given above (in paragraph 4 “What is generated”) comments.

Properties methods

Properties methods similar to those described in the article class Methods and method parameters, given above (in item 5 “What is generated”) comments.