Features and complexity of the refinement phase of the application, the application by mistake

After prototype further refinement is carried out by modification of the generated executable code using the APIs provided by technology Flexberry.

In this article you can find a description of the basic principles of revision of applications, as well as the main scenarios of improvement.

the Basic principles of re-engineering of applications

  1. Description of the process of obtaining the source code.
  2. Description of process of generation of code
  3. Development through the modification of the model
  4. Programmer’s use of parentheses.

[Main scenario the app.] (fd_development.html)

  1. Managing application forms
    • Adding new forms
    • Customize list forms
    • Customize views
    • Adjust button
    • Customizing edit forms and view
    • Customize views
  2. User interface customization
    • Set form title
    • Alignment of elements on forms
    • Bringing to a common style, color and font of form elements
    • Resizable forms
    • Add localization
  3. Setting up visual logic
    • Connect predictive
    • Implementation of mode “Read-only”
  4. Setting data validation
    • Configure validation on the client side
    • Configure validation on the server side
  5. Implementing business logic
    • Adding checks when updating data via business server
    • Update multiple objects in one transaction
    • Check uniqueness of data entered
    • Check the validity of the data changes object
    • Adding methods decidi\editing data
  6. Setup error handling
    • Enable\disable error logging
    • Customize form error
    • Customize catching exceptions