Basic information about the chart and its elements

Chart of activities (types of activities) - one of the available kinds of graphs supported Flexberry Designer. She, like state diagram, reflects the dynamic aspects of system behavior. Essentially, this diagram is a flowchart that shows the flow of control passes from one activity to another.

Activity on the chart are “scattered” on the treadmill, each of which corresponds to the behavior of one of the objects (e.g. customer, Manager, web server, database server, etc.). It makes it easy to identify which object performs each of the activities. Track - the area of the activity diagram, which shows only the activities under the responsibility of a specific object. The track is designed to split the chart in accordance with the allocation of responsibility for actions. The title of the track may indicate the role or object to which it corresponds.

the Basic elements of the chart of activities

In the diagram of activities you can display the following elements of UML notation that are available in the Toolbox:

Element/Notation Purpose
decision (Decision)
Active state (Active state)
Initial state (Start state)
End state (Final state)
Synchronizer/splitter (Complex transition)
able Object (Object in state)
Receive signal (Signal receipt)
Sending signal (sending Signal)
Transition (Transition) (in Object state)
Modify (object flow)
Partition (Partition)
Separator swimming lanes (Swimlane separator)
curvature relationships (Point)
Comment (Note)
Connector (Note the connector)
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