the Left “tree”

Visit the application structure on the left displays a tree listing all the data classes of the applications, as well as all of the list form and edit form bound to the appropriate data classes (nested nodes).

Tools forms

Name control name Description
Remove   Remove data class or form bound to the data class
Add the entity   create a new data object
Add form edit   Create the edit form for the data object
Add spickova the form   create the list form for the object data
Edit   edit the selected data class, list form or edit form
To open a list of all classes   Jump to the list of data classes

Right “tree”

Right on the page the tree is for editing the navigation structure (menu structure) of the design application. In this tree you can create menus of arbitrary nesting by grouping menu items into folders» «at various levels. The navigation items (not counting the» «folders, which are used to group elements) can be list form, form editing, or menu items that refer to an arbitrary URL.

Tools navigation

Name control name Description
Add URL   Add the new navigation item (menu item) with reference to an arbitrary URL
Edit   edit the properties (title and description) selected navigation item
Remove   Remove the navigation item
Add a directory   Add new» «folders in the navigation structure
Move up/ move down   change the order of navigation controls (move up and down)
Save   Save navigation structure