Definition and purpose of the builders restrictions

The restriction feature allows to filter and limit the data selection and represent a special extensible language constraints developed for Flexberry ORM.

This mechanism lies in the basis of functioning LINQProvider so, these mechanisms of imposing restrictions closely linked.

There is the ability to serialize function limitations.

“Builders” functions restrictions

SQLWhereLanguageDef - class-Builder functions, the restrictions on the deducted objects.

ExternalLangDef - language extension restrictions to set restrictions on the dependent objects (detali).

FunctionBuilder is a wrapper class over ExternalLangDef with a less verbose syntax for building functions restrictions objects deducted.

FunctionBuilder examples - more detailed examples for the refaktor LangDef.GetFunction.

There is an opportunity to expand the implemented languages of limitations](fo_using-languagedef.html).

Application functions limit

Working with functions restrictions often associated with reading data. When reading data, the function restrictions specified in the structure LoadingCustomizationStruct.