Parameters and example FuncSQL

FuncSQL - function Builder function limitations SQLWhereLanguageDef, allowing to perform insert SQL.

For the case when ExternalLanguageDef does not have the necessary set of functions limit can be built in the form of SQL statements. To use this feature with extreme caution is recommended because the switching data source types this is more difficult, error detection is also difficult.

It is important to understand that funcSQL can be part of another “normal” function, in this case, you need not forget about the brackets outside the SQL statement. Brackets under the interpretation do not put.


The following expression

lcs.LimitFunction = ldef.GetFunction(ldef.funcAND,
                ldef.GetFunction(ldef.funcSQL, "\"abc\" = 1"),
                ldef.GetFunction(ldef.funcSQL, "\"def\" = 2")

will be interpreted as follows:

WHERE ( "abc" = 1 AND def = 2)