an Example of loading a data object on a view, change it and save

In this example, the following actions are performed:

  • Taken primary key of any of the available database objects of the class CDDA.
  • Creates a new instance of the class CDDA, it is assigned a this primary key.
  • Loads the properties of this instance via service data. Values are retrieved from the record corresponding to the set primary key. When loading is applied view.
  • You modify the properties and save the object.
Console.WriteLine("2. How to load a dataobject in specific view, change it\'s property, then persist. Object loading status and state.");

IDataService dataService = DataServiceProvider.DataService;

// Initialize the helper object through which we get the primary key of an arbitrary object 
// of the specified type. 
OrmSample ormSample = new OrmSample(dataService);
object primaryKey = ormSample.GetSomeObjectPrimaryKey(typeof(CDDA));

// To download the item data, you must create a new instance of the data object to assign the existing primary key, and then 
// pass it to the method LoadObject data service. The record with the same primary key must exist in the database. 
CDDA cdda = new CDDA();

// Except for the instance whose properties you want to load, LoadObject method peredaetsa performance. 
// View is a set of object properties. Views can be created in Flexberry or attribute of the ViewAttribute. 
// In this case, the representation determines which properties will be loaded. 
dataService.LoadObject(CDDA.Views.CDDA_E, cdda);

// After loading the object status (cdda.GetStatus()) is equal to ObjectStatus.UnAltered. After calling the next line it changes to ObjectStatus.Altered. 
// You can only change the loaded properties. Otherwise, when the object is saved will receive an error. 
cdda.Name = "Blablabla " + DateTime.Now;

Stopwatch stopwatch = new Stopwatch();

// Save the object. Just uploaded updated properties. 
Console.WriteLine("Time taken for persistence: {0} ms.", stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds);