Methods and an example of conversion

There are methods to convert from the parental control in the expression for LINQProvider and Vice versa.

  • Получение Linq expressions from the function ограничения
  • lf - function limitation.
  • expression - Linq-expression.
var limitResolvingViews = new List<View>() { Кредит.Views.C__КредитE }; 
Expression expression = new LcsInterpretator().Interpret(typeof(Кредит), lf, "x", limitResolvingViews);

Here limitResolvingViews - view similar to resolvingViews in LINQProvider required for correct conversion of limit Function (Limit Function) in Linq-limit (first features are associated with the processing of datalow). To limitResolvingViews has the following requirements:

  • When you set the constraint of universality on detaily (ExistExact) in the view of detail should be included a reference to the aggregator.
  • A basic understanding of the aggregator should include all detaily that can occur in the constraint.