meeting the challenges of uninformative messages when deleting object

This article addresses the question cancel values from a table storing the master used in other objects.

The question of how to remove the values considered in the paper Cascade deleting objects.

The attempt to delete the master

Given the following diagram:

If in the database there are objects of type Клиент referencing it when trying to delete object of type Адрес error is displayed:

The database will not delete such an object, and the user will be uninformative message.

The solution to the problem

To solve this problem is to use the business server of a deleted object:

  • To know the number of objects that reference the deleted.
  • If it is not equal to 0, throw exception with a user-friendly description of the problem.
  • If necessary, catch the exception and handle in a special way.


For the above-described conditions: to add validation to a business class server Адрес:

if (UpdatedObject.GetStatus() == ObjectStatus.Deleted)
    // Find the number of clients that reference the deleted address. 
    var ds = (MSSQLDataService)DataServiceProvider.DataService;
    var clientsCount = ds.Query<Клиент>(Клиент.Views.КлиентE).Where(k => k.Прописка.__PrimaryKey == UpdatedObject.__PrimaryKey).Count();

    // If the customer is not 0, throw an exception. 
    if (clientsCount != 0)
        throw new Exception(string.Format("Could not remove Address. At this address is home to {0} client(s)(s)", clientsCount));

As a result, when you try to remove the address at which the registered clients, the user will give the following message:

The message has changed to be more meaningful.