Using techniques GetLoadedProperties and CheckLoadedProperty

there are different ways to define retrieved properties. One of such ways is the use of methods GetLoadedProperties and CheckLoadedProperty with the following features:

  • An array of loaded properties will only include own properties, so check the load properties wizard impossible. The link to the wizard is also a property of the object and to check it you can, but see below
  • If view is a property of the form: “Master.Soilwater”, then loaded the properties Master will be only in case if in the database the value “Master” null.
  • If view is the property of the “Master.Soilwater” and “Master”, then in the loaded properties will always be set to “Master” regardless of the presence of this object in the master database

Some recommendations when to choose a representation of themselves masters, and when simply their properties, presented in the article in Master view.