the Description, the relationship between the functions of limitations and LinqProvider example convert

To filter and limit the data selection there are several classes that implement this logic:

the relationship between the functions, limitations and LinqProvider

There are methods to convert from the expression for LINQProvider in LimitFunction. Opportunities to carry out reverse conversion Flexberry ORM does not provide.

Finding the function limitation of Linq expressions

expression - Linq-expression. funcToReturn - function limitation.

var queryExpression = LinqToLcs.GetExpressionToQueryFromWhereExpression(expression, typeof(Кредит));  
Function funcToReturn = LinqToLcs.GetLcs(queryExpression, Кредит.Views.C__КредитE, limitResolvingViews).LimitFunction;

the applicability of the methods of imposing restrictions

  • LINQProvider - is being finalized, as a consequence not implement all of the functions.
  • Parental control - is the most complete and comprehensive tool for proofreading and editing of data. In the future will be superseded by LINQProvider.