Definition, connection and check-in Flexberry Desinger, the use in the text box and filter

Предиктивный ввод allows you to modify the controls for master (LookUp) or text input so that the system suggests to the user possible options as you type data.

Predictive LookUp for

As a control, the prompter can be

Connection control

To connect the control predictive, you must:

  • Register the control in Stage Flexberry Desinger
  • In E-view of the object pointed to master custom-LookUp
  • To generate objects
  • Compile objects
  • Generate forms
  • In the Visual Studio project to set a reference to the control library

Registration control at the Stage Flexberry Desinger

To register a control, you must go to the Stage and call up the context menu, the menu Winforms -> C# -> Свойства модели.

In the form that opens go to the tab Дополнительно and click Дополнительные настройки.

In the form, additional configuration is required in column Путь to сборке click ... and specify the path to a DLL with the control (for Winforms controls is the file ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.AdditionalControls.dll).

In the dialog form select the type it should be noted ExtendedLookUp, ExtLookUpTextControl or both.

Note: it is recommended to use only ExtendedLookUp.

Save the settings by pressing OK - Сохранить and закрыть

Now the control was in stage Flexberry Desinger.

Specify the LookUp wizard in the E-representation of the object

To turn a regular LookUp in LookUp with predictive вводом, you need to point the wizard to the type LookUp.

  • Open the E-representation of an object and allocate the new, which requires the use of predictive.

  • The Тип лукапа specify custom

  • The Свойство мастера specify the property wizard by which to search for predictive.

Note: the property master should be in view. The name of the property is entered from the keyboard.

  • The Имя лукапа choose from the dropdown list LookUp.

Note: if dropdown list has no LookUp necessary, should be to the point Регистрация control under Flexberry Desinger.

  • To save changes to the view.

The result

Predictive text field

To implement predictive text input control ExtendedTextBox(fw_extended-textbox.html), which is contained in the Assembly ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.

Typically used for selection of the workman of an object based on some string.

The most common case entry name to get the directory name, to set ExtendedTextBox it and get a quick choice among people, are available in the database.


  • Property AutoOpenListForSuggestions – if the value true automatically opens a list of options when entering text.
  • Property UseExtendedMask – if the value true options are offered when entering the entered text as a substring. Should be used in conjunction with AutoOpenListForSuggestions = true; and MaskFormat=”%{0}%”.

The addition of the words

When you call a method GetCurrentDataObject have ExtendedTextBox is the addition of the word entered, and the data object will be returned for augmented words. Sometimes there are situations where this behavior is undesirable (e.g. when pressing backspace). Have ExtendedTextBox there is a method overload GetCurrentDataObject that allows you to specify whether the addition of the word entered.

public DataObject GetCurrentDataObject(bool reloadItems)

If this parameter is set to reloadItems false reload will not occur if the value true will return the object for augmented words.

Filtering records for predictive

To impose additional filtering on the output predictive input prompts, you must specify the control LimitFunction, subject to the restriction.

Фильтрация записей для предиктивного ввода по логину			
			extTextControl1.LimitFunction = FunctionBuilder.BuildEquals("Login", username);

Predictive Web applications

Predictive Web applications described in Predictive Web applications