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In the process of application development may raise questions, the answers to which can be found below.

Question 1

For example, there are objects Корпус and Аудитория. Корпус is a master for Аудитории. You want to make a form to edit these objects is roughly of this format: at the top ObjectListView Корпусами down GroupEdit with the audience of the case. In the selection of OLV building, the GE is loaded from the appropriate audience. The audience in GE I want to edit, instead of calling separately form АудиторияE. How best to do this?

Created custom listform to represent КорпусL. To generate it appropriate .Net form where you want to add GroupEdit. But it is not clear how to specify object data in it. Opens a blank form with a choice of packages.

How to solve this problem?

The answer

To solve this problem it is necessary to go to the other side: we need the edit form case with detaylari (audience must be detaylari so they can be edited in GroupEdit). Then you need to switch the wizard as described in the article Edit data objects on forms.

In this case, the lock will adequately work. But if the audience separately, also can be edited (if there is a separate edit form for them), GroupEdit must be configured to work with the block editable objects.