Properties, example of use, features generation

Control to select master from the combined list ComboBox.

Main properties:

  • DataObjectType – type artisan object.
  • MasterPropertyName is a property of the data object that is being edited ComboLookup.
  • ComboPropertyName – craftsman of the object to be displayed in the list.
  • CachedData – data is read from the database each time you open the list, or cached.
  • Limit – the limit on a list of user controllable features. It should be noted that the property is of type FunctionForControls.
comboLookup1.CachedData = true;
comboLookup1.ComboPropertyName = "Name";
comboLookup1.DataObjectType = typeof(IIS.КошкиСЛапами.Кошка);
comboLookup1.MasterPropertyName = "Breed";

Function lf = FunctionBuilder.BuildLike<Порода>(x => x.Название, "Persian%");
comboLookup1.Limit = new FunctionForControls("ПородаL", lf);

Change type from Default to lucapa Combo

If the form already exists when you try to change the type from an existing lucapa change not used.

So the changes into effect you need to manually remove all the code associated with the control, of the code of the page and start regeneration.