description of the appearance of the form editor restrictions from the user's point of view

Editor form constraints as follows:

You can select the type of display forms editing restrictions, select one of the tabs:

  • Standard view
  • A simplified view,
  • Advanced view.

Depending on the selected view will be available a different set of buttons and functions.

General controls for all types:

  • Save and apply – limitation persists and the list displays only those records that meet a specified restriction.

  • Save to file (available only EXT. a) is the selected branch limit is saved in a file format ..

  • Load (available only EXT. copies) – file format . insert a branch condition in the free thread

  • Name is a field to enter the name of the created limitations. To save limitation, you need to enter the name of the constraint and click the Save button.

  • The mountains. key – a field which displays a combination of keys, using which you can install on the list this limitation.

  • Ask button, after clicking on which a window appears to configure the keybindings. Need press a single key or a combination, they will be displayed in this window. If all right click OK. Otherwise, Cancel.

  • Clear button, after pressing which a combination of hot keys removed.

Working with design options

  • To change the shape design parameters – a window will appear to adjust the design of the form editor.

  • To open the form settings – open the form to edit the values of the parameters form will have a customized design.

  • Reset form design parameters – shape design parameters will change to the standard.