the following is the list of most commonly required improvements of the user interface, the resulting code generation

After automatic generation of the application, its interface needs improvement. Items on the forms need to install on your desired location and determine position. The appearance of elements to lead to a particular style, which adheres to the whole application, and so on.

For Windows-based applications come to the aid of 2 helpful class technology supported Flexberry:

  • FormTuner
  • ControlProvider


FormTuner is a class that allows you to apply any settings for all forms in the application.

Quite often the problem arises to apply at run-time to all application forms any settings. In particular, the task relevant to the independent forms. In this case, will help UniversalFormTuner, or rather its successor, as defined in the application application.

The sequence of actions is:

1.Add to application class that inherits from ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI .UniversalFormTuner.

2.Override the method.

public virtual void TuneForm( BaseWin form )

Option form – a reference to the instance of the form before it is displayed.

3.To set the property UniversalFormTuner.StandardTuner a reference to an instance of» «tuner.

In addition, for the implementation of a uniform forms processing application, you can subscribe to a special global event (in method Main):

static void Main()
// *** Start programmer edit section *** (Metalmania Main()) 
ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.Desktop.GlobalWinformEvents.Load += new EventHandler(GlobalWinformEvents_Load);
// *** End programmer edit section *** (Metalmania Main()) 

In the handler for this event will be coming form in the variable sender. Further, for example, all the forms to sign at the pressing of certain keys:

// *** Start programmer edit section *** (ДетейломанияDesktop CustomMembers) 
static void GlobalWinformEvents_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
((Form)sender).KeyPreview = true;
((Form)sender).KeyPress += new KeyPressEventHandler(ДетейломанияDesktop_KeyPress);
static void ДетейломанияDesktop_KeyPress(object sender, KeyPressEventArgs e)
if (e.KeyChar == 13)
MessageBox.Show("Enter was pressed","Hello");
// *** End programmer edit section *** (ДетейломанияDesktop CustomMembers) 


ControlProvider allows you to define your own controls for editing certain data types or modify existing ones. As defined in ControlProvider’e, these controls will apply in the universal form of editing in some other controls (for example, in GroupEdit).

The generated forms need improvement in the following points:

  • The titles of the forms
  • Location of items on forms
  • Anchor elements on forms
  • The minimum and maximum form dimensions
  • The overall style of colors and fonts of controls on forms (ControlProvider)
  • Localization
  • Setting a background image on each form (FormTuner)

The use of keyboard shortcuts

There is a need to add in-app hotkeys and also adjust the order of items by pressing the <Enter>

Cm. also

Visual logic