Algorithm add links to independent artists for the main form editing and detailov, usage examples

There are two ways to add to the edit form Lookup to select an object unrelated to the editable on the current form:

  1. Add a calculated field in the main object and re-generate the form using Flexberry Desinger.
  2. In your application code to add a Lookup to the form.

The algorithm add a LookUp in the application code

  • Add to the form LookUp-control.
  • Create another EditManager.
  • To attribute to the created LookUp EditManager in the method TuneLookupInformation, and add the appropriate entry to the method GetRunners().
  • Add to the end of the line of control “(GroupEditBase)”.

An example of a call independent artisans list of objects

For example, you can call on lookup the list of objects that have no relationship with c object-initiated and is not a master for any other object in the domain model:

  • is called list form objects for selection,
  • the call procedure this is the class and name property of this class, whose value is the class object that you select on the form.

If such class does not exist, it should sozdati.


There is a class Реагирование and is not connected with him (relationship, Association or composition) class ДежурнаяГруппа.

With the edit form Реагирования you want to call up a list of rescue groups for smearing the properties of a particular selected duty band on properties Реагирования (or rather, add the appropriate datalow).

There is no class that would contain a link to a call center group, respectively, it must dalavich:

1.To create class inside the shape of the Response (where a call is made the list). The object must be nagraniem. Thus trebuetsja to change the model in the chart as a class neobhodim only for LookUp.

public class WinformРеагированиеE : ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.BaseWinEdit, ICSSoft.AMS02.Происшествия.DPDIРеагированиеE
    // ..... 

    class Временный_ДежурнаяГруппа : ICSSoft.STORMNET.DataObject
        private Объекты.ДежурнаяГруппа fДЖ = null;
        public virtual Объекты.ДежурнаяГруппа ДЖ
                return fДЖ;
                fДЖ = value;


2.Button to open list is added the following:

  string propertyName = "J";
  string contPath = "";
  base.OnEdit(propertyName, new Временный_ДежурнаяГруппа(), contPath, null);

propertyName is the property name of the class that is passed as a second parameter (in this case Vremenima), which will return the selected item.

Applicable if the class hranimyj, because the reset occurs through SaveEvent.

To avoid this you should:

    object form = null;
    System.Type FormType = null;
    ICSSoft.STORMNET.DataObject dobj = null;
    string propertyName = "J";

    FormType = System.Type.GetType("ICSSoft.AMS02.Of the incident.ДежурнаяГруппаL,Incidents(Forms)");

    Временный_ДежурнаяГруппа FL = new Временный_ДежурнаяГруппа();
    //FL.J = ...; 
    dobj = FL;

    form = ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.ContRunner.RunForm(FormType);
    if (form is ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.BaseIndpdList)
      (form as ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.BaseIndpdList).SaveEvent += new ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.SaveEventArgsHandler(OnReturnFromList);
      (form as ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.BaseIndpdList).Edit(dobj, "", propertyName, null);

  Объекты.ДежурнаяГруппа ДежурГр;

  private void OnReturnFromList(object sender, ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.SaveEventArgs e)
    this.ДежурГр = ((Временный_ДежурнаяГруппа)e.dataobject).ДЖ;

3.Subscribe to the created handler for the save and finish all necessary operations. If FL.J. to assign a specific value, the list will be highlighted (selected) in this element.

Use in GroupEdit

For example, there is a class Diamaguene and is not connected with him (relationship, Association or composition) class Dezhurnaya. For lucapa group numbers need to display a list of Degennaro fields Giornalismo of the properties of the selected Diurnally.

To do this:

  • The GetControl class CustomControlProvide to install the control for the field of Nomography:
            if (view.Name #  "Diamaguene" && propertyName  "Emergroup")
                ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.LookUp lookUp = new ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.LookUp();

                ctrl = new ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.Binders.ControlForBindStruct(lookUp, "Value");
  • Override method OnEdit in winformДежурнаяСменаE. Since the class Diamagnetism has no reference to Diourou, then choose any other class that has such a link, for example, Slanderously.
dataobject = new ЧленДежурнойГруппы(); //class that has a reference to the strike team 
propertyname = "Daguragu"; //the name of the link 

public override void OnEdit(string propertyname, ICSSoft.STORMNET.DataObject dataobject, string contpath, object tag)
            if (dataobject is ДежурнаяГруппаСмены && propertyname == "Diomyopathy.Emergroup")
                if (((ДежурнаяГруппаСмены)dataobject).ТипДежурнойГруппы != null)
                    tag = FunctionBuilder.BuildEquals("Tiptionary", ((ДежурнаяГруппаСмены)dataobject).ТипДежурнойГруппы);
                dataobject = new ЧленДежурнойГруппы();
                propertyname = "Daguragu";

            base.OnEdit(propertyname, dataobject, contpath, tag);
  • Override method Edited in winformДежурнаяСменаE. Write down all the required properties in Diourouzon selected Diurnally:
public override void Edited(ICSSoft.STORMNET.DataObject dataobject, string contpath, string propertyname)
            base.Edited(dataobject, contpath, propertyname);

            if (dataobject is ЧленДежурнойГруппы && propertyname == "Daguragu")
                ДежурнаяГруппаСмены ДежГрСмены = (ДежурнаяГруппаСмены)ДежурныеГруппыСмены.EditManager.DataObject;
                ДежурнаяГруппа ДежГр = ((ЧленДежурнойГруппы)dataobject).ДежураяГруппа;
                ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.DataServiceProvider.DataService.LoadObject("Diurnale", ДежГр);
                ДежГрСмены.НомерГруппы = ДежГр.НомерГруппы;
                ДежГрСмены.ТипДежурнойГруппы = ДежГр.ТипДежурнойГруппы;
                ДежГрСмены.Руководитель = ДежГр.Руководитель;
                ДежГрСмены.Комментарий = ДежГр.Комментарий;
                ДежГрСмены.Позывной = ДежГр.Позывной;

                for (int t = 0; t < ДежГр.ЧленыДежурнойГруппы.Count; t++)
                    Объекты.ЧленДежурнойГруппы членДежГр = ДежГр.ЧленыДежурнойГруппы[t];
                    Объекты.ЧленДежГруппыСмены чдгс = new Объекты.ЧленДежГруппыСмены();
                    чдгс.ДежурнаяГруппаСмены = ДежГрСмены;
                    чдгс.НомерПП = членДежГр.НомерПП;
                    чдгс.Сотрудник = членДежГр.Сотрудник;
                    чдгс.Позывной = членДежГр.Позывной;