Features OLV with page granularity, the user interface, features and configuration rules

List control PagedObjectListView intended for paged display a list of data objects. PagedObjectListView inherits from the class ObjectListView, thus, setup and operation of this control, in General, not different from the standard list.

user Interface

To navigate the pages, use the panel located in the lower right corner of the control. On the panel are buttons with page numbers and a text field for entering the page number with the keyboard. Current displayed page is highlighted with background color.

To configure the number of records per page use the context menu where the user can select with the default value, or enter a custom value in the text box.


Additional properties (in comparison with the base class) control is presented in the table below.

Property Description
PageNumber Current displayed page
RecordsPerPage Number of records per page
RecordCount Total number of entries
PageCount Total number of pages

Placement on the list form

For the organization of the page view list in the list form, the last needs to inherit from a class ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.BaseWinListPaged. For list forms, you must establish a dependent form and in it to replace the base class.