Describes the internal structure of the form AdvLimitComponent

General internal form device


The programmer sees AdvLimitComponent, which is located on the form with a list control ObjectListView. This component adds to the ObjectListView toolbar button that allows you to control the imposed restrictions. For hierarchical lists AdvLimitComponent not automatically generated, but you can add it manually. The main parameter AdvLimitComponent is a list control that will be assigned to this component.


Component that allows you to call the form of the task constraints from arbitrary locations (not only from list).

The dialog parameters are specified using the properties EditAdvLimitDialog.DialogParameters type EditAdvLimitDialog.DialogParams.

Be set using this property the following:

Property Description
DoNotShowStandardTab don’t show the tab standard limits
DoNotShowSimpleTab don’t show the tab simple constraints
DoNotShowParametersArea Not display job settings
DoNotShowLimitArea don’t show the scope of the job limitations
DoNotSaveEmptyLimit When you try to save empty limit to give a message about failing the operation
DisableLimitName Do not enter the constraint name
ApplyBtnText Text on the button use restrictions
ApplyLimitButtonImage the picture on the button apply constraints


Form advanced editor restrictions. Includes the processing of the editing restrictions and embedded controls for editing the constraints.


Object model constraints edited in the form of task constraints. Includes as a limiting function and the parameter definitions.


An object representation stored in database constraints. Does not contain logic for deserialization. The class itself knows only the serialized Value. Is deserialized into its Nechranice property AdvLimit with AdvLimitComponent. Used only to read / write to the database (the successor of DataObject).


Utility class that allows the dynamics to create the type. These types are used on a custom form, specify the settings for restrictions.


Control for editing an expression in the constraint.

Restriction on
A simplified view of the editor limitations
The standard editor view of limitations
The imposition of constraints on columns in the lists
Copy / paste branch restrictions (saving and loading from file))
The master in the selection list the type parameters in the editor AdvLimit
Function implications when setting constraints
Functions for working with date when setting constraints (see example here)
Restrictions on the form of task constraints