Properties, change values, the display of the wizard, customize the appearance, toolbar, and sorting

GroupEdit - Winforms-control for creating and editing datalow.

Properties GroupEdit

Property Description
AdvansedMarks Adding extra control buttons to highlight rows and labels on the control panel GroupEdit.
AllowRowLocking Support edit mode with the locks.
AlternativeColor Alternative color for coloring lines.
BackOnShiftEnter move to the next cell by pressing Shift Enter in the enabled mode EditOnEnter.
DoNotAutoLoadItems do Not load the data from the database automatically.
EnableValueDisplayResponsibility mode Support ValueDisplayResponsibility.
EditOnEnter Edit contents of a cell pressing Enter
GenerateValueChangedEventOnrowoperations Generate change events when adding or deleting a row.
KeepFocus default is “false”. If set to true, then the save will be focused on the same line where it was before the save. Remembered not the line number, and the ID of the selected object.
LeaveOnLastEnter go to next control when you press the Enter in the last line.
MoveNextOnEnter go to next cell by pressing Enter when this mode is enabled EditOnEnter.
NewRowOnInsert go to first cell of new row when clicking Enter.
NextOnEnter Move the active cell by pressing Enter in the enabled mode EditOnEnter.
ReadOnly Mode “read only”.
SortOrder adjustment column to sort: Asc (ascending) Desc (descending), None (no sorting).
SortPriority setting the sort priority column.
ShowStatusBar bar Display state, showing the number of items.
UseAlernativeColoring Use alternating color rows (base/alternative color).

Change the values in the control

In order to perform the setting control stranovogo in cell GroupEdit, you need to use the gr_SetupEditorEventHandler event handler which is automatically generated in the edit forms. In the arguments of the event are passed a data object, control and name currently being edited properties.


protected override void gr_SetupEditorEventHandler(object sender, ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.SetupEditorEventArgs e)
    // *** Start programmer edit section *** (gr_SetupEditorEventHandler( object sender, ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.SetupEditorEventArgs e )) 
    // *** End programmer edit section *** (gr_SetupEditorEventHandler( object sender, ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.SetupEditorEventArgs e )) 
    base.gr_SetupEditorEventHandler(sender, e);
    // *** Start programmer edit section *** (gr_SetupEditorEventHandler( object sender, ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.SetupEditorEventArgs e ) End) 
    DateTimePicker dateTimePicker = e.control as DateTimePicker;
    ICSSoft.STORMNET.DataObject dataObject = e.dataObject;
    string propertyName = e.propertyName;

    if (dateTimePicker != null && dataObject.GetStatus() == ObjectStatus.Created)
        dateTimePicker.Value = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(1);

    // *** End programmer edit section *** (gr_SetupEditorEventHandler( object sender, ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.SetupEditorEventArgs e ) End) 

Display wizard in GroupEdit

If you want to display in the cell GroupEdit» «presentation attribute of the master (i.e., a certain expression of the attributes of the wizard), you can use one of the following solutions.

  1. Override method ToString() the data object. The peculiarity of this solution is that the override will affect everywhere, where the method is used ToString().
  2. To implement the control that is associated with the column GroupEdit interface IValueDisplayResponsible. PstrfGetDisplayValue the only method of this interface should return displayed in the cell value. PstrfGroupEdit have to set the property EnableValueDisplayResponsibility in true.
#region IValueDisplayResponsible Members

public string GetDisplayValue(ICSSoft.STORMNET.DataObject dataObject)
  if (curObject == null)
    return string.Empty;

    return string.Format(Формат,
    Tools.IsNull(ICSSoft.STORMNET.Information.GetPropValueByName(curObject, Наименование), "").ToString(),
    Tools.IsNull(ICSSoft.STORMNET.Information.GetPropValueByName(curObject, Код), "").ToString()).TrimStart();
#region IValueDisplayResponsible Members

Customize ToolBar in GroupEdit

Feature configure toolbar in GroupEdit is that after specifying the necessary operations in the designer, you must close it and open again - the vertical dimension in this case will be recalculated.


As ObjectListView GroupEdit allows you to sort on various columns. To quickly configure multi-level sorting, you can click on the columns button with the left mouse, holding down the Ctrl.

To multi-level sorting is not reset when accidentally clicking on the column, added a clarifying question about the change sort.

Named display settings column

There is the ability to save named settings in which the columns appear by analogy with ObjectListView. The settings are stored in the database separately for each user.

Drawing cell borders

To make the frame in GroupEdit using the following code:

C1FlexGrid ge = GetGridFromGE(Лапа);
ge.Styles.Normal.Border.Direction = BorderDirEnum.Both;
ge.Styles.Normal.Border.Style = BorderStyleEnum.Flat;

GroupEdit with drawn borders will look like the following:

Example GroupEdit with drawn borders


Usually GroupEdit is on edit form with your EditManager. However, GroupEdit'а your EditManager responsible for binding and events.

For example, in order to catch the event of the return value when you select master, you must subscribe to the event AfterChangeProperty EditManager related to GroupEdit, and not to the edit page:

GroupEdit1.EditManager.AfterChangeProperty += (o, s) =>
    // Handlers 

In GroupEdit added status bar that displays the number of items.

To enable the display of the strip condition, you need to set the property ShowStatusBar = true;

Processing keystrokes controls

Interface ISpecialKeysEditable intended to convey the controls editing keys pressed non-alphanumeric. For example, control clicking F3 raises the list to select a value. The handler defined in the control, only works when the control is in the editing state. Implementation of control ISpecialKeysEditable allows you to bring the key pressed in the control of GE. While the focus on the GE cell and press these keys, the control goes into edit mode, and then will be transferred to the pressed key.

The interface contains a single method List<Keys> GetSpecialEditKeys(), which should return the list of source control combinations.

A sample implementation of the interface is presented below. Processed combination F2 Shift Ctrl and F3.

        #region ISpecialKeysEditable Members

        public List<Keys> GetSpecialEditKeys()
            return new List<Keys> { Keys.F2 | Keys.Shift| Keys.Control , Keys.F3 };


Extensions GroupEdit

For GroupEdit there are a number of extensions, for example: