Description of setting filters with a special application AdmConsole and in the code

filter Settings

These settings can be set using a special application called AdmConsole.

Data filter settings should indicate which views are used to display detailov in the tree in form constraint and list the form should open to select master.

In General, the configuration looks like the following:

  • To specify the settings in AdmConsole
  • “Manual”
  • When using generator settings
  • To put the name of FilterSetting list form
  • With the help of designer
  • In the code

Run AdmConsole

  • In the file “AdmConsole.exe.config” I need to write the ConnectionString to the database приложения;
  • Run AdmConsole and in the main menu, select “Assembly Cache” -> “cache Folder assemblies”. You must select a folder with the Assembly of application objects

Creation settings “automatically” in AdmConsole

Settings detailov more you can put down the manual, but lyapov bring a lot of inconvenience. In order to simplify the setting for lyapov you can use the generator of the filter settings.

Form generator settings can be opened as follows

  • In the folder with the Assembly cache needs to be build “IIS.WinUI.AdvancedFSCtrl.dll” (DLL located in the folder AdmConsole);
  • In the folder with the Assembly cache needs to be build forms for easy affixing settings lyapov (Build forms is taken from the project, and is (Forms).dll);
  • AdmConsole to open the list form of “Special form options” -> “filter preferences”. Form as follows:

create the setup “manually” in AdmConsole

  • Open list form of “General” -> “filter Settings”.
  • Click on add object
  • A form will appear
  • Fields:
  • Name - the name of the setting,
  • DataObjectView - representation of the object, which is superimposed on the limit
  • Lookups - list of masters used in the presentation, to be able to build the primary key constraint of the master. Unlike the artisans of the attributes is that the value rises list form object, which gives a wider range of possibilities (searching, sorting, imposition of restrictions).
  • DataObjectType – type object wizard
  • Container – path to the list object form (e.g.: IIS.MOB.UgStat.Reference.КтоУстановилL, IIS.MOB.UgStat.Reference(Forms))
  • FieldsToView – list of properties (comma separated, no space) that will be displayed when you select the wizard for the constraint. For simple reference, which do not have masters, normally, use the property “Name”. For other objects, a list of these attributes should be the analyst, or they must be specified in the formulation.
  • Details - list of datalow for the filter.

This may be implicit detaily. Implicit detalam nespravny is any object referencing the object, a filter which we custom.

Implicit detaily must be specified after the obvious. The order within these groups should identify the analyst.

  • Caption – header detail
  • DataObjectViewD-view detail
  • ConnectMasterProp – the property name referencing the master class.
  • OwnerConnectProp – the property name referencing the class detail. Master detailov should also be added to the list of Lookups

After filling all the fields the form may look like the following:

Job settings form in the VS designer

The name of the settings are stored in the application systems necessary to specify the list form in the component AdvLimit. On the list form you want to allocate AdvLimitComponent and set its property “FilterSettingName”.

Job settings form in the code

If the list form is the universal form (no generated code), the name of the filter settings can be specified in an independent form in the method (applicable if only one list):

protected override ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.IEditInitiator GetDpdForm()
// *** Start programmer edit section *** (ПроектL.GetDpdForm() start) 

// *** End programmer edit section *** (ПроектL.GetDpdForm() start) 
ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.Operations objOperations1 =
ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.UniWinListStandard form =
	new ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.UniWinListStandard(new ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.ObjectListViewInformation[]{
new ICSSoft.STORMNET.UI.ObjectListViewInformation(ICSSoft.STORMNET.Information.GetView("ПроектL",
typeof (IIS.Звонки.Проект)),objOperations1, new System.Type[]{typeof (IIS.Звонки.Проект)}, null)}, "Projects");
// *** Start programmer edit section *** (ПроектL.GetDpdForm() end) 
form.FilterSettingName = "Project";
// *** End programmer edit section *** (ПроектL.GetDpdForm() end)) 
return form;

String form.FilterSettingName = "Project"; should be written in brackets programmer (so as not to lose changes when regeneration).


An example of using AdvLimit and settings FilterSettings you can see in this article