Description, properties, and events ExtendedLookUp

ExtendedLookUp is lucap predictive. Is the Assembly ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.AdditionalControls.dll

ExtendedLookUp as lucapa

How to install ExtendedLookUp as lucapa described in the article Arbitrary control as lucapa.

If you want to install ExtendedLookUp as lucapa in GroupEdit, then the corresponding GroupEdit need to set the property EnableValueDisplayResponsibility in true.


PstrfValueSelected` event is triggered when you press Enter and close the list.



One of the components of ExtendedLookUp AutoComleteBox is responsible for displaying prompts in the input switched mode AutoOpenListForSuggestions.

Property AutoCompleteBox.OrderColumns determines the columns on which sorting will be made when determining the order of elements in the displayed tooltip.

ctrlКлиент.AutoCompleteBox.OrderColumns = new ColumnsSortDef[] {new ColumnsSortDef("Registration", SortOrder.Asc) };


Property MaxLength control ExtLookUpTextControl responsible for the maximum length of user-entered text.

It should be noted that in the code property Text you can specify a value whose length is greater than length the value specified by the property MaxLength, i.e., the property only affects text entered into the control at run time. In other words for LookUp (and using the proposed control option) can be selected text in excess of MaxLength.