an Example of the task sort settings list in code

Lists allow you to sort the contained objects in specific columns. The user can set the necessary sorting. Also sorting the list can be customized from the code.

Sort columns ObjectListView carried out by specifying the type of sort object ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.ColumnInfo properties .Columns.


this.objectListView1.Columns = new ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.ColumnInfo[] {
    new ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.ColumnInfo("Name", -1, true, ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.SortOrder.Asc, ((byte)(0)), "Name"),
    new ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.ColumnInfo("Registration", -1, true, ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.SortOrder.Asc, ((byte)(1)), "Registration")

Here the designer takes ColumnInfo the third and fourth parameters of the sorting method of the type ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.SortOrder (Asc, Desc, None) and sort priority type byte.