Description of the transition to the new themes

Manual for the transition to new themes

In order to be able to add their own custom themes in ember-flexberry should:

  1. Copy to the root folder ember-flexberry file theme.config
  2. Copy the theme.less and the folder themes in /addon/styles
  3. rename /test/dummy/app/styles/app.scss in app.less and add the top line @import "src/semantic";

  4. Remove the line in the package.json

"ember-cli-sass": "^5.2.0",

and install the less compiler team npm install --save-dev ember-cli-less

  1. ../Ember-cli-build.js add lines
   lessOptions: {  
      paths: [  
    SemanticUI: {  
      import: {  
        css: false,  
        javascript: false,  
        images: false,  
        fonts: true  
  1. In theme.config to register for the required items name blueSky. See an example here:

Basically, the layout has changed on the main page, so we need to fix the file /test/dummy/app/templates/application.hbs it should look like this:

Since Semantic-UI does not allow you to connect 2 option, font icons, the easiest way to connect them via the vendor you can download it from here:

you must copy the folder fonts, font-icon.css and folder serviseImages (some icons theme, only for theme blueSky) to ember-flexberry/vendor/, and also need to add in ember-cli-build.js import these files

  app.import('vendor/fonts/icons.eot', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });  
  app.import('vendor/fonts/icons.otf', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });  
  app.import('vendor/fonts/icons.svg', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });    
  app.import('vendor/fonts/icons.ttf', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });    
  app.import('vendor/fonts/icons.woff', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });   
  app.import('vendor/fonts/icons.woff2', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });   
  app.import('vendor/fonts/crim.eot', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });     
  app.import('vendor/fonts/crim.otf', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });     
  app.import('vendor/fonts/crim.svg', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });   
  app.import('vendor/fonts/crim.ttf', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });    
  app.import('vendor/fonts/crim.woff', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });   
  app.import('vendor/fonts/crim.woff2', { destDir: 'assets/fonts' });  
  app.import('vendor/serviceImages/close.png', {   
    destDir: 'assets/serviceImages'   
    app.import('vendor/serviceImages/close-hover.png', {   
    destDir: 'assets/serviceImages'   
   app.import('vendor/serviceImages/Plus.png', {   
    destDir: 'assets/serviceImages'   
    app.import('vendor/serviceImages/Minus.png', {   
    destDir: 'assets/serviceImages'   

Also, to change the lettering font of menu icons and color of the pressing need to /test/dummy/app/controllers/application.js method actions.toggleSidebar looked like this:

If the menu consists not only of the main points but there are sub-items, you need to add scripts to menu items disappeared, it is necessary to /tests/dummy/app/controllers/sitemap-node.js add method actions.subMenuEl to make it look like this:

Add action icons and hide the submenu in ember-flexberry/app/templates/sitemap-node-content.hbs and /ember-flexberry/app/templates/sitemap-node.hbs the result should be like this:

Correct buttons to remove and add, and changes, for this we need to add buttons classes ui-add-ui-delete ui-change: