Properties flexberry-toggler, setting flexberry-toggler

flexberry-toggler is a component that allows the user to show or hide embedded in the contents. It can be placed form fields list, detaily and more.

The list of properties

Property name Brief description
expanded Current state of visibility: the element is deployed or not
caption Common header component header
expandedCaption Header component for the deployed condition
collapsedCaption Header component for collapsed
currentCaption Current component header
iconClass new component
hasResizableOLV Flag indicates when toogler contains OLV with the ability to change rushmere columns
duration Duration in milliseconds for the opening animation. When you set 0 animations disabled. Vaino: used only during initial rendering

Example usage

Setting flexberry-toggler is in the template stranicy:

    expandedCaption='Expanded caption'
    collapsedCaption='Collapsed caption'

When loading the page the component is in the expanded state, the header for the expanded sosotoyanie Expanded caption, and for rolled - Collapsed caption.


State flexberry-toggler can be saved in user settings applications.

For using the service user settings component flexberry-toggler must contain the following attributes:

  • componentName - a mandatory attribute used to anchor user settings. It must be unique within a single displayed page.