Components and structural elements, tools to generate ember-application

Ember-flexberry is part of the platform Flexberry, implemented in javascript frameworks EmberJS.

Components Flexberry Ember

Structural elements Flexberry Ember-application

Structure ember-flexberry application is the same as classic ember-app, but there are some nuances, which are described in separate articles.

Additional features

Programs and tools to generate ember-application

To create the application using the product ember-flexberry you need to install a number of programs and their configuration to work properly.


  1. Flexberry Desinger. Set Flexberry Desinger from At the initial installation is given a promotional license for 14 days. Then it can extend for a period of 6 to 12 months. For students of colleges and Universities free academic license for six months.
  2. Visual Studio 2017 or later. In working with applications based on Ember.js and ember-flexberry will also help Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text or their counterparts.
  3. PostgreSQL. For performance of works it is recommended to use a free cloud service
  4. TFS. For performance of works it is recommended to use a free cloud service Visual Studio Online
  5. NodeJS version 8.16.x:
  6. The latest version of Yarn
  7. EmberJS version 3.1.4 or 2.4.3, depending on the planned use version ember-flexberry (for installation after you configure Yarn to perform yarn global add ember-cli@3.1.4 or yarn global add ember-cli@2.4.3)
  8. The latest version of Bower (to install after setting the Yarn to run yarn global add bower)

Setting Yarn

You must configure the installation path (PATH):

Setting Flexberry Desinger

To ember-generator to work correctly is required in the configuration file CASEBERRY.exe.config to set the following parameter value EmberPluginAddonName (or 2.1.0 if you use ember-cli@2.4.3).

  <add key="EmberPluginAddonName" value="ember-flexberry@3.1.0" />

Setting created ember app

In file package.json add

"devDependencies": {
  "resolve": "1.11.0",
"resolutions": {
  "resolve": "1.11.0"