Description, properties, and usage example


The main purpose of control UI Message - displays the status messages of the control. For example, displaying the success/failure of conservation forms, warnings, information, etc.

Message properties are defined in the page layout application.

The list of properties described in the component UI Message

The property names Short description
visible Display (visibility) of a message, the default true.
floating the Effect of “floating” messages, default false.
compact Display in a compact (compressed) form, default false.
attached Adjacent whether the message to another message or content, default false.
closeable Ability to hide the message, default false.
type message Type (error, information, etc.), no default (null).
color message Color, default is not set (null).
size message Size, the default is not set (null).
icon Icon for the message, default is not set (null). The types of icons available on the website
caption message Header by default is not set (null).
message Content (text) messages, default is not set (null).

Details of the available properties is described on the website

Example of display of a message

For example, you must add the error message when you save the page. The markup would look like this:

<div class="field">
    caption='Результат проверки'
    message='Операция не выполнена'

The specified message header (caption), type (error), message content (message) and the ability to hide the message (closable). Eventually, the message will look as follows:

Message properties can be combined necessary to solve the task the way (change color, size, add icons, etc.). However, there are some exceptions to the use of the properties:

  • Property compact should not apply to property icon: a message will be displayed in the standard, not compact.
  • Property floating should not be used with the property type: will not effect pop-UPS (shadow). To give the appearance of the message inherent to a particular type, you can use a property color.
  • Property attached applies only in the case if you specify at least two elements.