Description of create new themes

How to create new themes

As has already been said, threads are implemented using Semantic-UI for their design is required to take into account the specifics of the semantics. Article on the official website of the framework

The creation in the ember-flexberry

Creating topics with nachinaetsya override file globals\site.variables from the default theme. It is main used variables. For existing components should also first pereprodaet their variables in the appropriate .variables files. If that’s not enough, then you can rewrite the styles in .overrides.

When creating new components, styles to add to your existing theme files default, because Semantic-UI does not approve the import of third-party .less files, and do not forget to stylize components in other subjects, if required.

The creation of the other Addons that are using ember-flexberry

As in ember-Addons flexberry need to use the same files theme.config and theme.less and directory themes. However, the difference will be that they need to specify the import of the addon.

An example based on the ember-flexberry-gis:

In the file theme.config was added to the directory path to the addon:

/* Path to the ember-flexberry-gis theme packages */
@gisThemesFolder : 'addon/styles/themes';

And in the file theme.less added the name of the theme used from ember-flexberry: @flexberry-theme: 'blue-sky ; and declared imports the files from your addon.

It is also important to note that if you use peremene files .variables themes default, you must specify them in the import file addon.less for files with the extension .overrides it does not apply. Example

In all other respects as well, the styles are overridden first in .variables, then .overrides and specifies the topic name for the elements used in the file theme.config .