List of components used in ember-flexberry

Components is a family of APIs for describing new DOM elements that are suitable for reuse. Module ember-flexberry includes a large variety of components for different types of tasks.

A core feature of ember-flexberry

For ease of development and maintenance, the overall logic of the components were made in base component (flexberry-base-component). Almost all of the components module ember-flexberry inherit from it.

The list of properties of the base component

Property Description Default value
readonly Flag: specifies whether the component is read-only. false
required Flag: specifies whether component. false
componentName Defines a unique name for the component.  
dynamicProperties Determines the dynamic properties of the component null
relatedModel Specifies the model to which the value of the current component. null
appConfigSettingsPath Determines path to the component settings in the application configuration. ‘APP.components.flexberryBaseComponent’
appConfig Defines the application configuration null
appConfigSettings single object component settings from the application configuration null
currentController Determines the current controller. null

The use of the base component

The base component is not a control and cannot be defined in templates. It is only used as a “Parent” for other components.

It is recommended to inherit from the base component in the following cases:

In other cases, use the base component as a “Parent” or not depends on the specific situation.

The list of components available in ember-flexberry