characteristics of the automation object

Opisanie process will be made on the sample application «ACS Warehouse»._

The company produces wholesale distribution of industrial products of wide assortment. Suppliers of the company are the factories located on the territory of the Russian Federation. Enterprise customers – businesses, firms and other organizations engaged in retail and wholesale sale.

statement of the problem in designing an information system

The designed system must produce accounting and control the movement of products in the warehouse. To automate the process of invoicing, accounts and other documents.

Description of the business process «sales of products from the warehouse»

A client who decides to place an order for the supply of products, appeals to the office of the company. Manager coordinates with the customer all the conditions for ordering. The Manager is obliged to check the stock of each of the stated products. If all the customer’s requested product items are in stock or client accepted alternatives, the order is passed to accounting, and the customer has to pay for it. If the customer pays for the order in cash, after payment, the accountant immediately writes out two waybills are sent to the client. After receiving the invoice the customer arrives at the warehouse for their goods. The storekeeper gives the necessary products and making a mark in both copies of the invoice stating that the goods are issued. Next, the client signs two copies of the invoice and is serving with the product you received, and one copy of the invoice. The second copy of the consignment note retained by the storekeeper.