Using an object-oriented approach when designing systems

The majority of modern methods of object-oriented design based on the use of языка UML.

Унифицированный моделирования language (UML, Unified Model Language) is the successor of the languages and methods of object-oriented analysis and design that emerged in the late 80s and early 90s. He directly unifies the methods of Booch, Rambo and Jacobson, however, has great potential. Modeling language UML has undergone the process of standardization within the consortium OMG (Object Management Group) and is currently the standard OMG.

Uniwersalny UML is a language for the analysis of subject areas, existing systems, systems simulation, document object models, software design obespecheniya. In the UML can be meaningful to describe classes, objects and components in a variety of subject areas, often very different from each other.

In the process of developing the system is presented in the form of combining several projections, each of which describes a particular aspect of a software system, and together they define the system in its entirety.

Use Flexberry Designer as a tool to work with UML

Ключевой idea технологии, which is based on the concept of tools platform Flexberry is поддержка the entire life cycle of software development through единую, from analysis to code information модель системы associated at all stages. Directly from models in UML notation created automated procurement source codes, designed to be very complete, including user interface, applications that are compiled and run directly from the environment of the complex, which distinguishes it from most similar to CASE - tools. This approach allows znachitelno to reduce the time of production, the release from the routine of programming developers, concentrating their efforts on the implementation of purely practical tasks, as well as avoid many architectural oshibok. In addition, it is possible to quickly develop prototypes for operational presentation to the customer in the initial stages of the project.

A set of platform tools Flexberry

  • Tool object-oriented design (creating charts);
  • Tools for automated creation of source code systems and databases, and libraries for programmers.
  • Repository of models, which has a clear structure, not limiting, however, designer a single, predefined technique. For example, you can create any number of systems, configurations, and support stages of the project life cycle. The repository can be expanded to add other functionality by means of add-ins (PlugIn).
  • Software developers a set of tools platform Flexberry helps to solve and automate many practical tasks, such as:

  • creating code-level classes and objects, relevant to the subject entities and their отношениям;
  • ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) object - relational mapping, storing object data in a relational database, including object nasledujuca классов;
  • support for various RDBMS and data source support any other «nature»;
  • create user interface (availability of ready-made controls for Win-and Web-applications);
  • implementation of the system architecture from a monolithic to a distributed multi-level.

A preparatory stage for charting

In the beginning you need to create the required repository objects. To do this:

1.Start Flexberry Designer. 2.Select the repository, hovering over it with the mouse pointer and clicking the left button, then add new project. To give the project a name.


3.To create a configuration (within a project), phase (within the configuration) and the system (inside the stage). 4.Then inside the system you can create UML diagrams.