1.Choose the stage (click the left mouse button). 2.Next, click on the stage, right-click. In the menu that appears, select ASP.NET -> C# -> Генерировать and компилировать. When you select this menu item performs the following steps:

  • generated the project with the data classes corresponding to domain model from the source graph классов;
  • installed the necessary NuGet packages in the project with classes данных;
  • compiled project classes данных;
  • generated project web applications ASP.NET Web Forms include a list form and edit form in accordance with the class diagram that was created when generating the prototype приложения;
  • installed the necessary NuGet packages to the project web application ASP.NET Web Forms.

Generation and compilation of each project can be carried out separately, choosing items Генерировать and Компилировать, respectively, in menu ASP.NET -> C#. In the process of generating and compiling applications window displays Сообщения..., which will receive the log generation.

3.After completion of the process of generation and compilation will see the following window:

By clicking on the button Да will open the directory with the generated solution.

4.By default, the generated web application is configured for authentication using forms. In order to carry out the authentication process when you run the application you must first create the credentials for a user in the database. To do this, click on the stage, right-click, then from the menu select ASP.NET -> SQL -> Microsoft SQL Server -> Полномочия -> Создать user умолчанию. As a result, in previously generated database will be added a user with username/password admin/admin, the role Administrator, wherein the generated user will be added to this role. In the process of generating the default user will be presented with a log of actions. Close it after the operation is completed.

5.To close a window Сообщения..., which is displayed when you generate and compile the solution with the web application.