In this step, you will consider the architecture of a Cordova app and web app Ember.js developed with the help of technology Flexberry Ember.

Architecture Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is a platform for developing mobile applications with open source. It allows you to use standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript JavaScript-frameworks for cross-platform development.

In Apache Cordova application has several components. The following diagram shows the high-level architecture of a Cordova app.

In the core of the application lies Cordova WebView component, which is the download of developed web applications. For the web-application requires local file for filename index.html that references CSS, JavaScript, images, media files, or other resources. Learn more about the architecture of a Cordova app can be read here

Architecture Flexberry Ember

Using technology developed Flexberry Ember full client web application. For the interaction client web application with the backend using a REST API (OData Protocol).

The following diagram shows the architecture of the web application Flexberry Ember.

When creating a mobile app using the Cordova platform interaction web application with a backend does not require any modifications, it remains the same. The following diagram shows the architecture of a Cordova app to interact with the app Flexberry Ember

In the end, was considered the architecture of a Cordova application and Flexberry Ember. Next will be considered part of the necessary software supply for the development of mobile applications.

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